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  1. Just got 5 pairs of shoes back from Danny. It's game on People, this man Know his stuff. The shoes look great!!! I tried on the one shoe that I thought was not really fixable when I sent it and it is great. Thanks Danny. Garvin, East London
  2. Dropped Philip's shoes off yesterday. He looked most pleased... And my shoes are great. Willem, Cape Town
  3. Futuras are also amazing...the fit is great and climbs perfectly. Tony, Johannesburg
  4. I'd just like to give a shout out to Danny at Boven Resoles...a resoler in S.A that does a super job and gives you great service! Danny fixed 3 pairs of shoes over a week or so. The shoes look almost new and it was a breeze dealing with him. Keep it up Danny! I really appreciated it! Kai, Cape Town

About Us

Who we are

Boven Resoles is a climbing shoe resoling business based in SA's prime sport climbing destination, Waterval Boven.  

The owner and resoler is Danny Pinkas, a climber with over 20 years' experience. Danny's first resoling business, Rock Frog Resoles, ran for 4 years before it was sold and eventually bought by Vertical World.  

Fast forward 10 years and Danny is at it again with the same commitment to quality of service and communication which the original Rock Frog was known for.  


What we do

Boven Resoles aims to provide climbers with a quality resoling service at an affordable price and within a reasonable time frame of 3-14 working days.

Communication is an extremely important aspect of our business - all queries will be attended to on a daily basis to ensure that no climber is left in the dark about the status of their shoes.